Business Areas

Research & Development for Inhouse Program

Business Areas

Package for sale of CAD products and design IT technology development services
such as TRIBON, AM E3D, PDMS, SM3D, etc.

운영 및 컨설팅

Operation and design consulting

  • Design operation support system
  • CAD operation support
  • Library setup
모델링 자동화 분야

Modeling automation

  • Automation of hull outfitting modeling
  • Modeling information extraction
  • Simplification and automation of outfitting modeling
도면 자동화 분야

Drawing automation field

  • Outfitting drawing automation
  • Hole plan program
  • Cable routing program
설계지원 S/W개발

Development of design support software

  • Drawing distribution management software
  • Design support such as time management

Core Technology

Specialized Development Environment
  • CAD Model Interface : Tribon,AM,PDMS, E3D
  • Shipyard CAD operating technology
  • Design modeling and data information extraction
  • CAD-specific Language: Python, PML, XML, Schome, C#..
Core Algorithms
  • Layout optimization algorithm
  • Information overlap avoidance algorithm
  • Distance optimization algorithm
  • Development of a library of various optimization algorithm programs
Specialized Development Environment
  • Extraction of design model shape information (REV, ATX, 3D DXF, DGN..)
  • CAD modeling 3D graphics conversion